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A new way to learn through play

O-Rings are large-scale, sensory learning playthings that promote inclusion through play. They are four stackable, soft rings of incremental sizes, and each O-Ring is a different texture, color, filling, and weight. They can be used for seating, building, exploration, and therapy, to foster sensory stimulation, gross motor activities, spatial reasoning, and all types of open-ended play. 

Made in collaboration with occupational therapists, teachers, parents, and kids, the O-Rings promote inclusion, interaction, and exploration for kids of all ability levels.


Open-ended playthings for inclusion

O-Rings bridge the gap between kids’ toys and educational or therapy tools. They are universally designed and have been tested by children, parents, teachers, occupational therapists, and more. They are adaptable to many settings including daycares, classrooms, museums, sensory gyms, and homes. O-Rings foster physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development for kids of all abilities. 


orings closeup

Durable + Tactile

O-Rings are upholstered in durable polyurethane and vinyl materials designed by Maharam. Each piece has a different texture and color, making them great for sensory exploration.

Boy lounging in a set of O-Rings

Soft + Squishy

Our playthings are carefully filled with soft stuffings sourced from Massachusetts and New York. Each O-Ring has a different filling: upholstery foam, shredded foam, and polyfill.

Snapshot of stitching process at our local factory

Made in USA

We design and make our playthings in the USA. We work with local suppliers and factories within 200 miles of our home base in New York City.